Chairman's Message


Dr.Davish Jain


Prestige Education Foundation & Governing Body

Chairman's Message

Internet and user-friendly technologies have empowered a new generation of customers, who are challenging the long accepted structure of commerce that traditional organizations were accustomed to. The result is a fundamental shift from a seller-driven to a buyer-driven world and the onset of new business models. To succeed in the global market, companies will need to evaluate innovative strategies that capitalize on both the power of the Internet and the changes in consumer demands. Many companies are adopting customer-centric business models, becoming more responsive and developing deeper relationship with customers. Others, however, are leaping forward into buyer driven value networks and in the process are rewriting the rules of competition.

The onslaught of turbulent times require special breed of leaders. At PIMG, it is a transformational experience for students who will go on to be successful in the turbulent times. Our mission is to develop leaders who will provide right direction to the organizations they join as executives. PIMG students are trained to respect and care about other people and inspire trust and confidence even in uncertain times. They have professional acumen and skills to recognize opportunities, marshal resources and create innovative solutions to critical problems. They develop the ability to look beyond the present, envisioning what should be the goals and objectives of the organization and how they can contribute in accomplishing them.

The transparent and professional approach used by the Institute the infra structural facilities available including the well stocked up to date library and a very advanced computer lab; and professionally competent faculty to take care of the all round development of the students will ensure that the students passing out from the Institution will be as per the current and future requirements of the industries. Therefore, I am sure that the faith parents and students have bestowed on us will continue to grow stranger with every passing year.