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Objectives and Activities



  1. To provide information on all aspects of venture establishment to budding entrepreneurs

  2. To initiate a culture of innovation driven entrepreneurship through student oriented consultancy programme

  3. To promote employment opportunities in unexplored areas

  4. To promote research and development relating to SMEs and micro enterprises


  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme (EAP)

EDC organizes EAP of 3 days duration, with the intention of creating awareness among students about various facets of entrepreneurship while highlighting the merits of pursuing it as career option. For this programme about 70-80 students are identified and they visit the industries.

  • Expert Talk

In expert talk, eminent entrepreneurs are invited for discussing different aspects of entrepreneurship including identification of business opportunity, market exploration, services offered by different agencies of support system.

  • Skill Development Program (SDP)

Cell also conducts Skill Development program for developing specific skill among the students like, website designing and DTP, mobile repairing, beauty parlour, mushroom cultivation and jam & sauce making etc.

  • Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)

The objective of EDP is to train the students for conceiving the business idea, planning, initiating and launching an enterprise successfully. Programme includes class room training on essentials of entrepreneurship survey of the prevalent socio - economic scenario, identification of business opportunities, role and function as well as schemes of assistance offered by various agencies and preparation of a project report.

  • Management Development Program (MDP)

EDC conducts MDP time to time for the professionals and entrepreneurs. The objective of MDP is to enhance entrepreneurs’ skills and technology up gradation in order to support growth of their business enterprise.

  • Business Plan Contents

Business plan contest organised by EDC for improving decision making and analytical skills of students. The motive of this is to initiate five student projects each year for new innovative product development.

  • Consultancy

Entrepreneurship Development Cell also provides consultancy services for career counseling as an entrepreneur, identification of business opportunity, preparation of DPR etc.

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