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Remedial Showcase (March 25th , 2015)


“Remedial Showcase, Safeguard the Mother Earth Halo”, this was the competition, organized by Pragati Path of Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior.  This brought out many Social issues and the remedies to control over the issues. More than 80 students of the institute participated in this competition.

As it is known that humans are the superior creation of God, Humans are happy, but the problems are continuously arising with the time. With the problems keeping in mind the competition was organized under the guidance of Prof. Chanda Gulati to focus upon the various problems like Pollution, Poverty, Female foeticide, Population etc. with its remedies. The Student’s teams who provided best remedies for the problems were chosen as winners of Remedial Showcase.

The Remedial Showcase winner team consisting Neha Kumari, Surbhi Hazarnis and Ayushi Dixit of BBA V And Runner Up team consisting Anvesh Sharma, Shalini Suryavansi, Abhishek Jain and Sagar Dubey were awarded with the prizes and certificate by Dr. S. S. Bhakar, Director, PIMG. The competition ended up with the enlightening and encouraging speech by Dr. Bhakar.

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