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As a part of promoting Industry – Institute Inter-phase, Prestige Institute of Management Gwalior has taken an initiative to go for this kind of cell which will be beneficial for institute as a whole and industry as a part of it and will reduce the gap between the industry and academics. The IIIC Cell is proposed with the objective that all the stakeholders namely: Institution, Students and Society stand to gain as it can be a win-win partnership. The institution stand to gain by way of up to date curricula, sources of revenue generation by consultancy and R&D, source of manpower employment, social relevance and most importantly acquisition of brand/ equity; Industry stands to gain by way of availability of employable manpower pool, increased productivity, faculty stand to gain by way of exposure to latest practices for more effective teaching-learning processes, etc., Students stand to gain by way of hands on training, reduction of learning curve in industrial practices; and, Society stands to gain by way of improved quality of goods and services.

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