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Institute to Industry

I. Student visit to the Industry as a part of their course
II. Industrial tour of students: - This gives them good organizational experiences.
III. Practical Training / Student internship:-This gives students good industrial exposures.
IV. Student Project in Industry: - Some students may be encouraged to undertake their final year project in industry partly or fully with a joint supervisor.
V. Teacher Deputation to Industry:- Teacher should spend some time in the Industry. Teacher must work on a specific project at industry and submit a report to institute on return and deliver a seminar talk.

Industry to Institute

I. Depute Persons for higher degrees to Institute
II. Continuing education of their staff must be a continuing activity of any progressive industry.
III. Assign Consultancy Jobs to Institute.
IV. Sponsor R&D Projects to Institutes.
V. Industry sponsored short term course or depute industry staff in institute.
VI. Resource persons from industry to institute.

    a. Adjunct faculty from industry.
    b. Expert Lecture from Senior Industry Personnel. Industry-Institute Joint Efforts

VII. Jointly Conducting Training/Awareness Programme for Industry / Institute People.
VIII. Organizing seminars/Symposium/ Awareness Programme for Industry/Institute People.
IX. Undertaking Any Social Responsibility.
X. Industry-Institute merger / adaptation of institutes / programmes by industry.

Other Activities

I. Industry-Institute Interphase Cell at the institute level.

II. Conducting action Research by making intensive interaction with the industry

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