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Workshops Conducted


1. A one-hour workshop was conducted by a trained counselor on “Beauty, Grooming and Confidence for Young Girls” at Prestige Institute of Management on 21st February 2014. Students were shown short documentaries to help them understand the importance of Personality Development & Grooming and the confidence healthy skin and hair would bring to them. Following this, a few selected girls were sent to an experience zone inside the Beauty Class bus. All the girls benefited from the workshop as it was a learning experience for them.



2. A forty two hours workshop on Technical Analysis of Stock Market was carried out by SEBI Resource person at PIMG in the month of November-December 2013.


3. Prestige Institute of Management Gwalior organized Thirteenth Case Writing Workshop from 25-27, April 2014 under the
co-ordinatorship of ( Dr. Tarika Singh)

The Case Method has been recognized as an Important Pedagogical tool in imparting Management education and it has been used in varying degrees by various Management Colleges. In view to this, Prestige Institute of Management organised 13th National Case Writing Workshop for the benefit of Faculty of Management & Commerce, Economics, Psychology and IT Institutions and Executives of Business Organization

The workshop attracted 49 from different parts of nation ranging from Kashmir at the topo to Karnataka in the south and Orissa in the east to Baroda in the west. Most of the participants in the workshop were senior professors. Few Research Scholars and students also attended this workshop.  In total 14 organizations allowed for the visit for case development. The major one included Godrej, Kurl-On, Crompton Greaves, MSME, Britania, SRF etc. The participant groups were able to develop twenty eight cases in the workshop.

The workshop covered sessions on Data collection for cases, Teaching Notes preparation, Learning Objectives formulation and many exercises on case testing by Dr. S. S. Bhakar, Director PIMG. The workshop also included case presentation and case tutorial by Prof. N Ravichandran from IIM-A.

The workshop resulted in the meaningful learning and the active participation, experience and comments of the participants contributed significantly to the field of academics and made this workshop a successful one.


4. A visit to MSME

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