Founder Chairman's Message


Dr. N.N. Jain

Founder Chairman's Message

I am happy to observe the steady growth and development of the Institutions promoted under the banner Prestige Education Foundation. The Foundation was established with a solemn wish to offer quality education and training of the world class level. Thus, Institutions are committed to make the students confident, knowledgeable and wise. Prestige Group of management Institutes provide a wide spectrum of courses in the area of management and Information Technology.

The world is moving towards becoming a single borderless market with WTO pulling all strings to remove any advantage to the local manufactures. In this scenario, corporate managers need to have a global outlook to take advantage of the opportunities the new world order has presented Management and Information Technology education can play a pivotal role in this context by adopting holistic development approach in preparing future exclusives/software experts with global orientation.

Information is power when organizations view the whole world as their market. It helps strengthen networking take quicker and more informed decisions and remain in tune with the business environment and customer needs. Information Technology is at the care of transformational process sweeping Indian Industry. I am grateful to all the parents in particular and Institutions in general who have extended cooperation and support to us in translating the dream into reality. I am very much optimistic that our mission to serve humanity through enlightenment of the ignorant by dispelling the darkness will remain a reality during the times to come.