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Rule & Regulation

We value self discipline and do not believe in policing. We repose a lot of trust and faith in students. A detailed code of conduct which needs to be adhered to by every students gives the students advance notice to abstain from misconducts.

General Code of Conduct

  1. Every student shall fulfill atleast 75% attendance in the classrooms, failing which he/she will be debarred from appearing in examinations/ internal assessments and participating, in activities organized/sponsored by the institute.

  2. The Institute has decided to impose dress code from 2009-10 session, the students are advised to take the contact details of suitable dress provider from the Institutes Office.

  3. Carrying /Using cellular phones inside the premises is not permitted. Violation of this rule will attract fines. If a student continues to use the cellular phone even after a warring, his/her cellular phone will be seized.

  4. The consumption of tobacco products such as cigarettes, bidis, pan-masalas, gutkhas etc is strictly prohibited inside the premises and will attract heavy fines.

  5. The misuse/mis-handling of Institute's resources such as library books, computer lab, furniture etc. will attract heavy fines - individual and/orcollective- besides disciplinary action.

Maintenance of Discipline

Every student admitted in the Institute shall exhibit good behaviour at all times, show diligence in studies, maintain decorum and dignity, take proper interest in co-curricular and extra curricular activities and observe all rules to maintain discipline in the Institute.

Any student found guilty of breach of discipline shall be punishable in accordance with rule 13 of ordinance 7 of Madhya Pradesh Vishwa Vidyalaya Adhiniyam, 1973, which is reproduced below:

  1. When a student has been found guilty of breach of discipline within or outside the university or an Institution or persistent idleness or has been guilty of misconduct, the head of Institution at which such student is studying may punish according to the nature and gravity of the offence.

    • Suspend such a student from attending classes for not more than a week at a time, or

    • Expel such a student from appearing in the next ensuing examination, or

    • Disqualify such a student from appearing in the next ensuing examination, or

    • Rusticate such a student.

  2. Before inflicting any punishment as aforesaid the head of the institution shall give the student concerned an opportunity of personal hearing and record the reasons of inflicting the punishment.

  3. The head of the Institution concerned shall have power to suspend (for such time as may be necessary) a studenttemporarily from the Institution pending enquiry into his conduct in connection with an alleged offence.

  4. The period during which a student remains suspended for completion of an enquiry, shall be reckoned in the calculation of his attendance for appearing at an examination provided he/she is found innocent.

  5. A student who has been rusticated shall not be admitted to another Institution within the jurisdiction of the University. Ordinarily, the period of rustication shall not exceed two years. Other Universities shall be informed of the fact of rustication.

  6. The rustication of a student from an Institution shall entail the removal of his name from the register of students.


The Director of the Institution reserves the right to remove from the rolls, the name of any student or punish otherwise for.

  1. Failure to pay college or hostel fees in time.

  2. Failure to perform according to prescribed standards.

  3. Indulging in any activity derogatory to the Institution.

  4. Participating in any political/ unsocial demonstration.

  5. Misconduct/ Misbehaviour inside or outside the premises.

  6. Violence against any one.

  7. Being involved or having been involved in the past in a criminal case or moral turpitude.

  8. Sexual misconduct inside or outside the premises.

  9. Found inside the premises after consumption of liquor and drugs or found in possession of liquor & drugs inside the premises.

  10. Willful damage to Institute's property.

  11. Stealing.

  12. Indulging in malpractices in examinations/ internal assessments.

  13. Continue to indulge in misconducts even aftertwo warnings.

  14. Indulging in ragging.

  15. Continuous absence from classrooms without information.


Any student will be liable to immediate rustication by the Director, if in his opinion the student behaves in a manner subversive of discipline orcommits grave misconduct.

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