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  • 2018-08-30
  • 2018-09-03

                                  10th NATIONAL RESEARCH METHODOLOGY WORKSHOP 2018


Coordinator- Dr. Sneha Rajput

Co- Cordianator- Dr. Ruturaj Baber


It started with the inaugural ceremony wherein Prof. (Dr) SK Rao (VC Rajmata Vijyaraje Scindia Krishi Vishwavidyalaya Gwalior), was the chief guest, Mr. Bijay Sahu (plant head Akzonoble Malanpur) was the Guest of honor, and Mr. Sunil Singh (Manager HR AkzoNobel Malanpur) was present as Special Guest. 

Post Inaugural The first session was conducted by Dr. S S Bhakar on research process including problem designing, framing objectives, and designing questionnaire, the after lunch two session were delivered on to how to write good research paper, plagiarism, referencing etc. and Selecting appropriate tool for data analysis.


Second day started with group activity again and the whole day proved to be a great learning session for all of us where four sessions were conducted by Dr. S. S. Bhakar on Data Tabulation & Filtration and descriptive statistics. Parametric and nonparametric tools, analysis of variance- univariate, bivariate, analysis of covariance and Regression were included.


On the third day a parallel session was conducted on MATLAB by Dr.Joydeep Dhar,  Associate professor ABVIIITM Gwalior.

Third day also we started with group activity. Then in various sessions we learned exploratory factor analysis, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, SEM. The session was conducted by Dr. S.s. Bhakar.

On Fourth day of the workshop Session on Econometrics using E-views  was delivered by Prof. Sanjay Sehgal  from Dept. Financial Studies University of Delhi South campus.

A parallel session on MATLAB and R was delivered by Prof. Joydeep Dhar.


On fifth  day of the workshop a session on was held and the whole day was given to groups so as to develop their research article by practically applying the tools used and was followed by presentation of the same. This is done in order to ensure the learning and therefore, the success of this workshop which has enhanced the same.

In all 16 papers were developed in this research methodology workshop. The papers written will be edited by editorial board under the guidance of Dr. S. S. Bhakar and will be published in an edited book.

Dr. S. S. Bhakar and his team developed a paper on Effect of Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Enjoyment and Social Pressure on Continuance Intention of Online Shoppers

Dr. Navita Nathani and her team developed paper entitled “Impact of trade openness on Economic Growth: Evidence from emerging ASEAN countries”

Dr. Garima Mathur and her team developed a paper  on Impact of Curiosity and Interaction on Learning

Dr. Tarika Singh and team developed a paper on Relationship between Financial Behaviour and Financial Position: A Study of Investors 

Dr. Shailja Bhakar and her team developed a paper on Impact of Customers Shopping Orientation on Purchase Intention

Dr. Shilpa Sankpal & her team developed a paper on Effect of Hedonic Online Shopping Value on Customer Preference for an Online Retailer

Prof. Gaurav Jaiswal & his team developed one paper workplace Bullying as an antecedents to Job Insecurity and Intention to leave

Dr. Amitabh Maheshwari and his team developed a paper on  Analyzing the mediating effect of Risk Tolerance on relationship between financial Literacy, investment Experience and Investment Decision. 

Prof. Nitin Paharia and his team developed a paper on Feature extraction and selection for hand gesture recognition

Dr. Nischay Upmanyu & his team developed one paper on Measurement of the relationship between Perceived Quality, Perceived Value, Image and Satisfaction with respect to Health Services in Gwalior Region

Dr. Richa Banerjee and her team developed a paper on Role Conflict and Role Overload as Predictors of Job Stress

My team developed a paper on  The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Customer Satisfaction through Brand Image: A study on Online Stores.

Prof. Rahul Pratap Singh Kaurav and his team  developed a paper on The Effects of Variety Seeking, Brand Image and Social Self on Brand Love and Word of Mouth

A Paper on A Study of Brand Communication, Employee belief and Brand Citizenship Behaviour  was developed by Prof.Chanda gulati and her team

Prof. Satish Bansal and his team developed a paper on “Detection of bone fracture by analysis of Medical Image using classification Technique”

Dr. Nandan Velankar and his team developed a paper on Effect of bank specific factors on the profitability: A study of selected public sector banks on India.

Honourable chief guest of valedictory  ceremony was   Prof. J.P. Verma Dean Student Welfare Lakshmi Bai National Institute of Physical education, Gwalior, and special guest was Dr. Joy deep dhar Associate Professor.  ABV IIITM Gwalior. Respected director sir Dr.  S.S. Bhakar, Dr Nandan  Velankar Coordinator 11th Research Methodology  Workshop 2019 also shared the dias.

Total Registration--------                   

              International----                   03

              National-                              53

              Local-                                    29

              Students-                              24