The strikingly modem PIMG campus, specifically designed to create a stimulating atmosphere, is located at Airport Road, Near Deen Dayal Nagar, Gwalior, a prominent site, 3 kms from Maharajpur Airport, 7 kms from Railway Station and 7 kms. from Main Bus Stand. The campus is aesthetic, user friendly, spacious, well lit and comfortable. This serene and peaceful environment supplemented by greenery all around provides just the right balance to the rigorous academic curriculum the budding professionals have to go through.


The Institute provides hostel accommodation separately for boys & girls with all the necessary amenities at no profit no loss basis. The locations of both the hostels are safe and well connected to the city by public transport.

ICT Resources

The institute has five computer labs and 387 computers. The Institute has licensed software like SPSS 24, Turnitin, Orell language lab, Wordsworth, and Oracle 8i. Furthermore, the institute also has Microsoft Campus agreement for various software such as Windows OS, MS office, and MS SQL Server. Moreover, The Computer lab has software that is available freely such as, C & C++ compiler, python, java, etc. The computer labs also have ICT-enabled facilities. To provide power backup, the institute has 2 generators (25 KVA & 400 KVA) and 1 online UPS (15 KVA). All classrooms have ICT-enabled facilities. The whole campus is Wi-Fi-enabled with the leased line of 150 Mbps for internet connectivity. A dedicated audio visual Centre (AVC) at prestige offers a wide range of learning techniques, for developing e-content for students learning. The AVC has equipment and Software required for capturing the lectures. The Institute has ERP and LMS software (AccSoft) for administration and to support academic activities. The institute has Multi utility hall) and seminar halls with modern ICT facilities for organizing various academic and cultural activities.


PIMR, Gwalior has two libraries - Library-I and Library-II that cater to the learning needs of the students. Library-I is the central library and Library-II functions as the legal division. The libraries have a collection of 18697 books, 19 English and Hindi newspapers, 22 magazines, and 29 journals. The library also offers access to 73504 e-journals and 8852 e-books for online resources. The library automation system, powered by AccSoft 2.0. The library also provides 24x7 remote access to subscribed e-resources and WEB OPAC, along with databases such as N-LIST, DELNET, CMIE and J-Gate. The library has memberships with DELNET, National Digital Library (NDL), and the American Centre Library, Chennai. The library also offers anti-plagiarism software, Turnitin.

Fintech Lab

FinTech is a new innovation that is revolutionizing the commercial and financial sectors by opening up a wide range of opportunities and providing unrivalled room for growth. All areas and divisions of the finance industry are being significantly impacted, including banking, money transfers, personal and company loans, investing, mobile banking, point-of-sale payments, and many more. Big Tech firms are focusing on the financial services industry, which is helping the FinTech market expand.

FinTech refers to innovative business models in the financial sector facilitated by technology. Such innovation has the power to upend established industry structures and obfuscate industry lines, facilitate strategic disintermediation, revolutionize how businesses produce and deliver goods and services, pose serious privacy and regulatory challenges, and complicate law enforcement efforts. It can also open up new doors for entrepreneurship and plant the seeds of inclusive growth.

Cashrich-FinTech lab

Cashrich-FinTech lab at Prestige Institute of Management & Research- Gwalior shall provide an applied, experiential environment in which students, faculty and even corporate partners can experiment with the technologies transforming financial services.  It nurtures the idea of innovation. It makes students learn the toughest industry challenges and make students keep pace with rapid change. Students learn to give innovative solutions and specialized advisory services to clients, even client specific solutions are learnt. Data analytics, machine learning and blockchain technologies are the base components of the lab. The lab provides mentorship to the students eager to become Fintech entrepreneurs.


PIMRG has a cafeteria and AMUL parlor. Canteens are on contract basis with external caterers and provide quality food.


The institution has adequate facilities for yoga, games and indoor & outdoor for Sports & Games. There are two courts for badminton and two TT tables. For outdoor games, the institute has courts for playing basketball and volleyball. A Yoga center has been set up for the holistic development of the students.

Differently-abled (Divyangjan) friendly

facilities Prestige Institute of Management and Research in Gwalior is dedicated to accommodating the needs of Differently-abled (Divyangjan) individuals through various initiatives aimed at fostering inclusivity. This includes providing ramps for easy access, ensuring availability of Divyangjan friendly washrooms, installing clear signage throughout the premises to aid navigation, and tactile paths designed to guide Differently-abled individuals. Moreover, it also offers essential mobility aids such as wheelchairs and screen reading software, which is available in designated computer labs and libraries, enabling Divyangjan individuals to access information effectively. Additionally, human assistance is readily available for any enquiries or support needed. These proactive measures underscore the institute 's unwavering commitment to create a campus environment where every individual has the opportunity to thrive without barriers.

Audio Visual Section

The Library has an Audio Visual Section with a large number of audio visual cassettes, CD's and DVD's; continuous efforts are made to acquire the latest films, both Indian as well as foreign, in the area of Management and Information Technology.

Moot Court

Opportunities to gain experience in appellate advocacy are difficult to come by for both lawyers and law students. Moot Court & Mock Trial provides students a valuable opportunity to hone both their written and oral advocacy skills in this competitive field. The competition includes a robust training program to provide all participants with valuable training, experience, and feedback. Prior to receiving the case problem for the competition, participants receive training on written appellate advocacy. Teams then work together to research and write an appellate brief for a case based on contemporary legal issues.

After submission of briefs, competitors receive additional training on oral advocacy from experienced Practicing advocates. Competitors then have the opportunity to participate in practice oral arguments and receive substantive feedback prior to the opening rounds of the competition.

Department of Law, Prestige Institute of Management and Research Gwalior has a moot court committee which is planning to organize a National Moot Court competition in the year 2022-23. Previously our students took part in various State, National and International Moot Court Competitions.