Event Details


  • 2023-06-02
  • 2023-06-02

Objective of the event –

The Objective behind to organize FIN Quiz competition is to evaluate the knowledge of the participants within academics as well as beyond academics and to make them familiar with the prospects of quizzes and the objectivity of the questions. With practicing quizzes, students can do critical thinking, and get into a habit of innovative learning. These quizzes integrate the game mechanics into the learning process, they help students understand the weaker areas. Quizzes help students identify what they know and what they don't know. The students then have a better idea of how well they are grasping the material, hopefully motivating them to study more and helping them allocate their study time effectively by focusing on the information that still needs more practice.



Outcome & Learning of the event –

Through the quiz competition, Participants get the knowledge about the basic financial terminologies and aware about the general awareness information relating to the banking, stock market, economics and accounting. Participants to work in groups, allowing them to develop their teamwork abilities. Competition helps participants to develop their interest area in Accounts and finance.