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  "PIMG is one of the best B-Schools of central India which has always withstood the expectations of Students in terms of quality education and placements. Dr. S. S Bhakar has pioneered PIMG in an incredible manner and I feel privileged of being in the first batch since his inception at PIMG."   


Sameer samadhiya

Jana small finance bank - Cluster Collection Manager


  â€œI got better opportunity when I started studying in Prestige institute of management. I have done practical study in this institute with lot of managerial activity, and got chance of interacting with experienced faculties. I got lot of opportunities as a coordinator in events. Last but not the least one of the greatest part is 100% placement in different companies.”   


Pankaj Sharma

Deloitte - Associate analyst in Technology 


  I would say this is the finest college of Gwalior and they prove this as well. As my personal experience, the faculties have bottomless knowledge of subjects. Give proper assignments, projects to students and always ready to help them to finish. In short, I would say the pedagogy, the environment, the placement support, and the diversity of the batch -all work in perfect sync to groom the students for future and make them industry ready.   


Akshay Saxena

TCS - Assistant System Engineer (ASE)


  If I could nominate the best college for BCA in Gwalior, I would definitely go for Prestige Institute Of Management Gwalior. I sincerely thank all my faculty members for being a bright spot and helped me for developing myself in the way i always want. Now i feel so proud that i completed my graduation from PIMG   


Mridul Tripathi

TCS - Assistant System Engineer (ASE)


  It was a great time we spent in Prestige institute of management, Gwalior . PIMG has very wonderful faculty and they are very cooperative and campus environment is very positive. Training and placement department continuously providing assistance regarding the placement. PIMG has made the best efforts to provide all the facilities for the students like Faculties, events, sports, etc. The days which we spent in PIMG are the golden days of my life and will remember it for rest of my life. PIMG rocks ...   


Abhilasha Singh

Wipro limited - Associate Trainee



I would say this is the best management college of gwalior. I feel proud to be a part of this Institute. Here all the faculty members are very supportive and always encourage the students to groom themselves to have a good career ahead. The best part of this Institute is, it provides best placement for all the courses. I thank prestige from the bottom of my heart to give the best experience.



Shashank Sengar

Google - Analyst


  It isn't about the destination; its about the journey. My journey with PIMG was a blend of learning, overcoming my fears, being able to know my flux towards my goal. Education holds a significant role in a person's life. However, values take you ahead in the journey where Prestige run high on values. A diamond is a stone until its carved, rubbed and polished by Jeweller. Everyone is very supportive and I would like to thank all. Happy learning.   


Parag Mangal

American Express - Sr. Engineer


  â€œPrestige Institute of Management Gwalior” is not only an institute to acquire the degree but a place where a student can also develop interpersonal skills to accomplish success in professional world. PIMG has given me supportive seniors and faculties, beautiful campus, quality education, real world experiences, and amazing friends. Its everything one needs from a college. The growth I have seen in myself due to PIMG, is invaluable. It has taught me things far beyond bookish knowledge and helped me broaden my horizons. Not only do they conduct various technical quizzes and events, but also many nontechnical events as well, to test the all round development of the students.   


Vikhyat Singh

Aditya Birla Group (Ultra-tech Cement) - Manager


  My two years at Prestige Institute have been excellent and a memory to cherish for a lifetime. The years spent here have been full of learning opportunities that were full of fun and frolic and due to the efforts made by the faculty providing me a platform of practical learning and preparing me for the corporate life.   


Dhruv Jadon

UI/UX & Visual Designer IndiaLends - Manager


  â€œMy two years at Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior have been excellent and a memory to cherish for a lifetime. The years spent here have been full of learning opportunities that were full of fun and frolic and sometimes with academic grind that one has to go through. The industrial exposure makes you a better man to face the challenges of the corporate world.”   


Dhyan Rana

Sayaji Group of Hotels - Sr. HR Assistant


   "Hello folks, I am very glad to share my journey of PIMG with you all. For me PIMG was like 2nd home. Here I was nurtured like a child, that don't know about the world .PIMG provided me the platform to groom myself from inner and outer as well. The study concept of PIMG to provide more Practical Knowledge instead of theoretical knowledge made me a better person to survive in this competitive world. I heartily congratulate to all PIMG family for providing me an opportunity to be a part of this organization and I am always proud to be a Prestigian."   


Nikunj Seth

UltraFresh solutions - Assistant manager channel sales


  Its a proud moment when you stand alone in new world and you have knowledge to achieve your goals this is all because of PIMG Faculty enhance my presentation skills , behavior , presence of mind and etc stuff At last very thankful to placement cell i got placed at info edge India Ltd. "Put your heart mind and soul into a smallest acts, This is the secret of success"   


Sanjeev Soni

Canara Bank - Finance officer Prime Corporate


  "“Think Different, that is one thing that Prestige College urges in and to far extent succeed in teaching to its students which invariably helps to achieve what you need. It nourished me and thus gave me an opportunity to define me. "   


Narendra Singh

Self - Motivational Speaker


  Prestige college . When I found out I got admission here, I was on top of the world . This college has been nothing less than what I had hoped for. Supportive seniors and faculty, beautiful campus, quality education, real world experiences, and amazing friends. Its everything one needs from a college, and a network developed for life. The growth I have seen in myself due to Prestige , is invaluable. It has taught me things far beyond bookish knowledge and helped me broaden my horizons. Not only do they conduct various business quizzes and events, but also many other events as well, to test the all round development of the students. With its Management, Law and computer courses, there is a large variety of students on campus, providing everyone opportunity to interact and learn from each other. Students are encouraged to take initiatives and hone leadership skills, so that they can cope with the world outside the campus. With the up to date laboratory facilities and large libraries on campus as well as online, students can easily access study materials to ensure quality output. There is great canteen facilities and the sports grounds keep the students physically active as well. Yoga sessions are arranged to relax body and mind. The classes are very interactive and faculties ensure that every student understands what is being taught before proceeding. Courses are challenging, yet very informative, so that we don't feel lost when entering the competitive market. All in all Prestige college provides every student exactly what they need for life. Proud to be a prestigion   


Vikram Singh Bhadauria 

Canara Bank - Manager


  I am very grateful to Prestige Institute of Management Gwalior & faculties for putting in all the efforts to groom us and make us corporate professionals. It was a wonderful experience at Prestige Family.   


Rajesh Rajawat

Gujarat Inditrade Microfinance Ltd - State Head-


  One of the best Management institutes to polish your skills!   


Bhoopendra Mahor

Canara Bank - Manager


  """ The kind of lectures, learning and opportunities, I have had at my prestige college have proven to be immensely useful as a career growth path."" "   


Anurag Shrivastava

BKPL - Human Resource Officer


  When I reflect on my three years in the Prestige Institute of Management for BBA program, I conclude that the experience not only made me a better HR professional, but also prepared me in unpredictable ways for my career with the good human values. Through various events, interactive sessions with incredibly supportive lecturers, professors who were nothing short of champions, I was challenged to discover a voice I didn’t know I had. That voice has played a central role in my work, as writing is vital to thinking, to planning, to imagination, to communication, and to engagement. Having been shaped in part by the collegial and creative, yet rigorous, environment at PIMG, I found myself able to communicate, innovate, and collaborate in ways that enabled me to build a successful communications now in HR practices, and eventually to find a rewarding career in an independent professional & personal field. PIMG environment always emphasis on the discovery of every topic for its lifelong better understanding. Especially Director and Faculty always gives stretch on writing research paper and to involve students in research field, is really incredible which is an “Out of The Box Thinking” to do work and “Find Excellence Beyond the Limits”. This particular guidance of three years directed and shaped my career and thinking towards “Joy of Learning”. In my current role of Human Resource Professional at IndianOil Cooperation Ltd., or I worked with the various prestigious organizations like Parle Biscuits (P) Ltd., Havells India Ltd., Mahindra & Mahindra & Lupin Pharmaceuticals Ltd. as Human Resource Business Partner/ Professional, closely with the higher management, and with the broader community, and I draw every day on the dispositions which I developed during my time at PIMG. It was a wonderful time in my life, and the best educational experience I’ve had.   


Avinash Pakhre

Oyo Rooms - Regional Talent Acquisition Head- West



Having secured the admission in every reputed college in the region, I decided to pursue the BBA course from Prestige Institute of Management Gwalior. The institution is known for its legacy for providing state of the art education that equips students with industry ready skills. The institution has faculties who are vastly experienced, subject matter expert, and is vested in students’ holistic growth and development. The diverse sets of students are quite competitive and contribute immensely through peer leaning.



Shaktida Singh Sablok

Ericsson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd - Talent Acquisition Team | Human Resource


  BBA & MBA from Prestige Institute of Management was one of the best experiences and decision of my life. My BBA & MBA at Prestige Institute of Management brought clarity of thoughts, knowledge, confidence, courage and conviction to me and my goals. Real time exposure was immense throughout the program. It has been a great contributor towards the development of my personality. Faculty here make the college what is it today, Faculty contributes significantly. It made me realized that learning environment make it different, so is the case of PIMG. I am working in Ericsson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd. Credit goes to college and our faculty. Faculty members focused to get every individual into corporate reality. Faculty members give us enough couragement and guidance to participate in managerial fests of other colleges. The management and cultural (Spandan) talent is a program that builds our confidence and eliminates the stage fear. We have presentations to make, case studies to solve, debate with right dialogue and many more. Surprise tests and current event programmes keeps us update about to the latest business happenings around us. The concept of illustration through role plays is a big hit at PIMG. I have established my leadership, time management and team skills in PIMG. I owe my success to PIMG and presently feel proud of being alumni of PIMG.   


Prakriti Shrivastava

Chegg India - Content And Creative asscociate

MBA Integrated

  I currently look after content and creatives for Chegg, India in south Delhi , Delhi. Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior was more than just a college to me.It’s more like a part of me, one of the most significant chapters of my life. I am an alumina of a five years business cum management course called MBA integrated, which is a combination of BBA and MBA with a lot more practical exposure than any other course in the same field. These five years gave me some of the very important learnings of my life and have prepared methoroughly for corporate world. Prestige Institute of management, Gwalior has a wonderful combination of studies and cocurricular activities which preps you up not just for theoretical knowledge but also for practical skillset of managing things on a larger scale (which is actually required) Faculty members in the intuition teach students with different possible ways. Learning through movies, role plays, PPTs, industry visits, GDs, are some of the teaching methodologies which makes them different from others. Apart from this, students are also given personality development classes everyday to make them industry ready. These classes help students to become interview ready and boosts their confidence to shinein the crowd. Institute also hosts so many workshops, conferences (National and International repute), seminars, fests and various other events which are all students driven. Students are given an on-ground exposure to manage and conduct things in their own way, without killing their interests and creativity. For me, Prestige institute of management has always been my second home for all the obvious reasons. It has given me various opportunities to showcase and recognize my talent. I am very thankful to all the faculty members, staff members for making this such a wonderful experience for me. A big shout out to all of them! Cheers to Prestige!😊   


MR. NAv Kumar Sharma

HCL - Human Resource Officer


  Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior has added value to my life, I have completed my MBA in HR specialization and o got opportunity to serve in my specialized domain, It is a place which really train students for real corporate challenges, Prestige Serves best to its students in all the areas like co and extracurricular activities, after rigorous training and exposure to practical aspects it also provides the best placement opportunities to the students. I always feel honored and privileged being a part of such a best Institution in NCR.