Institute Values


Prestige Institute of Management and Research Gwalior (PIMRG) has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to addressing pressing social issues through a range of impactful initiatives. With a keen understanding of the unique challenges faced by the local community, PIMRG tailors its outreach efforts to best serve their needs. Notably, the institute has organized limb camps, providing prosthetic limbs to over 300 individuals with limb loss. This intervention has been transformative, restoring mobility and independence to those in need.

Collaborating closely with local partners, PIMRG conducts community health camps, offering vital medical assistance through blood donation, cancer awareness, and eye care initiatives. Moreover, the institute conducts workshops and training sessions, empowering individuals with knowledge on self-care, hygiene, and safety. By fostering awareness and agency, PIMRG endeavors to drive positive social change.

PIMRG also prioritizes environmental sustainability by engaging in tree planting efforts. These initiatives contribute to a healthier, more sustainable local environment. The tangible impacts of PIMRG's initiatives are evident in the improved lives of countless community members. Thousands have benefitted from limb camps and health services, while workshops have sparked proactive engagement with critical social issues. The institute remains steadfast in its mission, committed to furthering its socially impactful activities and effecting positive change in the lives of local residents.


The Best Practices of the Institute for the academic year 22-23 are Skill development and Gender Inclusion.

The rationale behind Skill development is to bridge the gap between education and the real world by incorporating practical, hands-on learning experiences into our programs. Skill development initiatives result in enhanced employability. This is done by establishing partnerships with industry leaders, guest speakers and professionals. Various Industry visits, Mental well-being workshops, Personality development workshops and Motivational workshops acted as a significant element of skill development. As a result, the Behavioral skills and Confidence of students has developed greatly which is visible through the placement records of the institute.

Gender Inclusion in colleges is not only a matter of social justice but also an investment in the future success and well-being of individuals and society. The institute strictly and explicitly prohibits any form of gender-based bias, harassment or prejudice within the campus. Seminars and workshops were conducted round the year for students and Faculty on Harassment, Gender discrimination and Gender Inclusivity. Gender neutral recruitment, Robust safety infrastructure, POSH workshops and Equal opportunity cell are a few of the initiatives taken under the best practice of Gender Inclusion/Inclusion. Evidence of increased productivity, creativity and innovation resulting from a diverse and inclusive workforce supports the success of Gender Inclusion initiatives.